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Interesting facts about me

Dr. Seiko, FKA: 2manywatches.

My Name is Randall Benson, and I`m a Seikoholic.

You can find evidence of my passion for watches as far back as 1998 on Time Zone, under the handle 2manywatches. I have been all over the internet since then, but I admit, it is growing larger every day!! I finally decided to settle down, and thats how this place (Seikoholics) came about.

You can access the Seikoholics forum by clicking on one of my recent posts belowe, or by visiting us at:

I am a full service watchmaker that Specializes in Vintage and Custom Seiko`s, but I will also work on anything that keeps time.  If you scroll down the page you`ll be able to see some of my latest Hands of Time custom Seiko`s.


If you want to contact me about the forum my email is:

If you want to contact me about Custom Watch work, please see this page first:
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the forum.


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